Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

With more than 20 years experience utilizing RFID to track assets around the world and in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet, IO Assets Group speicializes in tracking asset in harsh conditions. We have designed tags that excel in these conditions and outperform any of the self tag on the market. Unlike most tags that are supposedly designed for Oil & Gas, our tags were built from the core to be applied to Oilfield assets. Many tags are initially designed as "non-metal" tags and are then modified by simply adding more plastic or rubber to the tag setting it higher off the metal asset. Our tags were designed from day one for application on metal surfaces and with the highest impact resistance.  In addition to providing tags that are specific to Oil & Gas, we also provide the ability to take the asset management solution into the field over a cellular connection. Most RFID solution providers only offer 'On-Site' tracking of assets utilizing Wireless connection to their servers. Not only is our solution built for use in the harsh environments often associated with Oil & Gas work, our software is unique and customized for each client. Allowing for management and tracking that integrates seamlessly into your current work flow. We pride our selves in incorporating our solutions with your business in a way that minimizes changes in your current workflow. We adapt our systems and software to how YOU do business. At IO Assets group, we understand the frustrations associated with rolling out new processes and software solutions and we design each system around our clients current operations.


In addition to asset management, the biggest concern for our Oil & Gas clients is tracking and managing asset certifications. Ensuring that assets in operation out in the field are always up to date on certifications and inspections is one of, if not THE, highest priority for our clients. The predominant method for verifying certifications consists of  trying to read and record certification bands that are often damaged, buried in mud or even painted over. In many instances, tags may be in good condition but simply can not be read on an asset that is rigged up due to the orientation of the tag. Our tags do not require line of sight, and can never be misread. Unlike cert bands and even barcode, our tags allow for rapid scanning of bulk assets to verify certiciation dates. With our Mobile VPN System, we can extend your company's ability to monitor certifications on assets to remote sites out in the field (See Products page for information on MVS Solution).

Our Products

  • Crescent Tag

    The Crescent tag is easily our second most popu

  • MVS - Mobile VPN System

    iO Assets Group has partnered with NGEN Network

  • Tag Sample Pack (UHF, Passive)

    iO Assets Group provides an assortment of tags

  • GPS Trailer/Equipment Unit

    The Trailer/Equipment Unit is a battery-operate

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

    The LMU-2600 fleet tracking unit offers leadi

  • Steel Zip Tie Tag

    While not as rugged as the other Outdoor use ta

  • Equipment/Parent Tag

    This tag is similar to the Crescent tag except

  • Wiring Adaptor for Vehicle Diagnostic Port

    This adaptor is required for installing the sta

  • O-Ring Tag

    Easily Applied and Removed, This tag is versati

  • Mobile Readers

    iO Assets Group offers a variety of handheld RF