Inventory/Supply Chain

Inventory/Supply Chain

iO Assets Group offers a variety of inventory control solutions for warehouse and production environments. Warehouse operations can be a logistics nightmare when you consider all the variables involved in day to day operations. From dock workers and Forklift drivers, to packers and order processors, there are nearly limitless instances where human error can potentially disrupt smooth operations in your facility. Our solutions remove the potential errors and provide vastly improved accuracy in order processing, loading, and tracking throughout the warehouse or production environment. Even the most diligent worker can make an error reading a part or invoice number. Our solutions can provide Smart Labels for inventory assets, as well as to tag paper invoices allowing even the invoice itself to be tracked. The ability to accurately track inventory and to instantly link an order with an invoice will dramatically improve your businesses ability to process orders quickly while eliminating costly shipping errors.

Our Products

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

    The LMU-2600 fleet tracking unit offers leadi

  • Wiring Adaptor for Vehicle Diagnostic Port

    This adaptor is required for installing the sta

  • Mobile Readers

    iO Assets Group offers a variety of handheld RF

  • DRT Tag

    This is our most popular and versatile tag. Thi

  • MVS - Mobile VPN System

    iO Assets Group has partnered with NGEN Network

  • Crescent Tag

    The Crescent tag is easily our second most popu

  • Steel Zip Tie Tag

    While not as rugged as the other Outdoor use ta

  • Tag Sample Pack (UHF, Passive)

    iO Assets Group provides an assortment of tags

  • O-Ring Tag

    Easily Applied and Removed, This tag is versati

  • Equipment/Parent Tag

    This tag is similar to the Crescent tag except