Information Technology

Information Technology

IO Assets Group has partnered with RF Code, a Leading Provider of asset management systems designed specifically for IT and DataCenters. RF Code has developed a suite of solutions designed specifically for Datacenters and the unique challenges they present. These needs include climate control, moisture and tempurature monitoring and, of course asset management. IO Assets Group has more than 20 years of experience managing assets and providing ROI based on controlling expenses and providing real time visibility of a client's assets. We have teamed up with RF Code to provide an unparalleled solution for anyone looking to gain absolute control over their IT resources. Our systems provide almost imediate return by constantly monitoring and adjusting climate control systems, reducing the energy costs associated with contolling the data center environment.

                                                  So what is it about our IT solution that sets it apart from every other system on the Market, Including our own outdoor solutions?

                                                                                                                                 The answer is...EVERYTHING!

  The complete  platform combines wire-free asset location and environmental instrumentation with a dedicated wire-free reader infrastructure and data normalization middleware, tightly integrated with powerful data center management software. Our end-to-end solution delivers the accurate, real-time data center operational data you need to make the decisions that protect your data centers while saving time and money.

Data Center Management Software

Our Products

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