Cylinder Management

Cylinder Management

IO Assets Group provides can provide asset management solutions for almost any type of business. What sets us apart from other Asset Management Solutions providers is our ability to customize our solutions to meet your unique needs. One avenue in which we have excelled is in tracking assets that are constantly moving. In the Cylinder/Tank rental industry it is critical to not only know what assets you have on hand, but where your assets are in the field. Our RFID management software can track where you assets are, who they have been checked out to, and can even maintain history of every customer that has ever utilized a specific asset. This can allow you to track and prolong the life cycle of certain assets by pinpointing conditions that can shorten the life cycle of an asset. We can provide detailed rental history allowing for more accurate and rapid billing. Our systems can even track which clients are allowed to purchase or rent certain products, prohibiting unauthorized individuals from receiving any products they are not approved to receive.

Our Products

  • Crescent Tag

    The Crescent tag is easily our second most popu

  • O-Ring Tag

    Easily Applied and Removed, This tag is versati

  • Wiring Adaptor for Vehicle Diagnostic Port

    This adaptor is required for installing the sta

  • GPS Trailer/Equipment Unit

    The Trailer/Equipment Unit is a battery-operate

  • MVS - Mobile VPN System

    iO Assets Group has partnered with NGEN Network

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

    The LMU-2600 fleet tracking unit offers leadi

  • DRT Tag

    This is our most popular and versatile tag. Thi

  • Mobile Readers

    iO Assets Group offers a variety of handheld RF

  • Equipment/Parent Tag

    This tag is similar to the Crescent tag except

  • Tag Sample Pack (UHF, Passive)

    iO Assets Group provides an assortment of tags