Commercial Surveillance

Commercial Surveillance

At iO Assets Group, we understand the need to simplify workflow and consolidate resources. With this in mind, we have developed a variety of surveillance solutions ranging from systems spanning mulitple locations and running solar powered Celullar cameras, to simpler systems consisting of just a few cameras for smaller businesses. Our cameras systems can be integrated into our RFID solutions, providing video and photo records of asset movements both on-site as well as at remote locations where on-site power connections are not an option. The cameras and DVR/NVR Systems we utilize are some of the best in the business. From Analog systems to 4K Ultra HD cameras, we can build a custom Surveillance system to fit your budget, while exceeding your expectations.

One of the major advanages to our systems is the remote monitoring and remote assistance provided by iO Assets Group. As part of our standard service agreement, we monitor your system regularly to identify any hardware/software issues, in most cases before you realize there is an issue. Our systems can be configured to monitor specific assets or areas of concern in, and around your property. Our top tier systems include data analytics that far exceed ANY off the shelf system on the market. We can configure our systems to track facial and license plate recognition and even alert you to someone loitering around valuable assets like fuel pumps.

Another critical value that iO Assets Group brings to your Surveillance system is the process of determining camera placement. This is not as simple as finding the most visually appealing place to mount a camera. A surveillance system is useless if would-be criminals can simply avoid cameras, or shield themselves from identification. Prior to installing your system, we will evaluate your property and assess every possible area of concern. Whether your goal is to have a concealed system, intended to catch criminals in the act, or to mount highly visible cameras to deter criminal activity in the first place, our systems will be customized to meet your needs while ensuring COMPLETE coverage of your property and assets. 

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