Certification And Maintenance Tracking

Certification and Maintenance Tracking

At iO Assets Group we realize that while mainting accurate visibility of your assets is extremely important, it falls second to the importance of safety in the workplace. With that in mind, a great deal of time has been spent evolving our systems ability to rapidly and accurately track certification and inspection records. Whether it is an oilfield asset that is inspected annually  or a semi-truck that is inspected daily, we have solutions to help your company monitor and record all inspection transactions.

In the case of oilfield assets, nearly all companies will have their assets inspected by third party certification companies who will be responsible for generating inspection and certification documentation. For these clients our system allows for certification dates to be included in asset data for each asset. From here, regular reports can be generated allowing the user to not only identify which assets are approaching the renewal date for certification, but also WHERE each of those assets is located. For our oilfield clients, this can be several dozen locations out in the field. These reports can allow a single employee to load a truck with replacement parts and make a single trip out to bring back parts that are about to expire. Our mobile option allows rig-up crews to scan tags anywhere they can receive a celullar signal. This means that even assets that are assembled and in use on-site can easily be checked to ensure they are within the allowed recertification period. Unlike standard certification tags or barcode for example, our tags do not require line of site. This means that whether the tag is upside down, buried in mud, or even painted over, we can still scan the tag and reveiw the asset data for that asset.

When dealing with vehicles and large equipment, iO Assets Group has a separate application for tracking and monitoring inspections and certification records. Our Inspection module has been used to monitor everything from fleet vehicles to utility poles and transformers. The module itself can record location along with any notes related to services administered to each individual asset. For vehicles, different inspection points, such as Oil levels, and lights can be individually tagged to ensure that these critical systems are inspected as required.


From industrial grade construction equipment, to laptops and even pharmaceuticals, if your company has the need to track and monitor inspections or certifications, our RFID solutions will improve your company's ability to track this information efficiently and accurately.

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