Rfid Industrial Solutions

  • Information Technology

    iO Assets Group has partnered with RF Code, an industry leader in the design and implementation of Environmental and inventory controls for IT/Data Centers, to provide complete data center management solutions. Protecting sensitive equipment is not always about implementing adequate network security policies. Equally important is protecting your assets from environmental factors such as heat, humidity and of course, theft. Our IT/Data Center solutions provide real time monitoring of all environmental factors as well as near-real-time asset tracking. Any time an asset moves, you will know about it. Additionally, our solutions can help manage your climate controls far more accurately than traditional monitoring options, vastly lowering energy costs associated with maintaining stable environments for sensitive assets.

  • Commercial Surveillance

    iO Assets Group builds and installs customized surveillance solutions for commercial and residential applications. Our camera systems can be implemented along with your RFID Asset Management solution, or as a stand-alone Surveillance system.

  • Oil & Gas

    iO Assets Group Specializes in designing and implementing RFID asset management solutions specifically for the Oil & Gas Industry. Our hardware/software solutions were DESIGNED, not ADAPTED for Oil & Gas. Our systems allow for fast and accurate verification of safety certifications, while providing complete visibility and accounting of all company assets. Our software allows for user defined, customized reports so you can easily track and manage any metric related to your assets.

  • Medical

    iO Assets Group and RF Code have teamed up to bring a 'best-of-breed' solution to asset and personell management. These systems were designed specifically for implementation in medical facilities. We provide the ability to instantly locate critical, life saving assets when they are needed the most. Additionally, our system allows for monitoring of environmental conditions that could effect equipment, medicine, and more importantly, patients. This solution provides the ability to track, monitor and report on the location and condition of almost any asset or person located within your facility.

  • Cylinder Management

    iO Assets Group has recognized the Cylinder/Tank Rental and sales industry as having unique needs regarding the handling and tracking of their assets. Our systems allow you to track certification cycles, rental history, and can even track whether a particular client is authorized to purchase or rent a particular product. This process would prohibit the accidental delivery or pick up of products that could be potentially dangerous to customers that might not be licensed or authorized to handle these materials. The ability to track this information along with the ability to rapidly and accurately verify current inspection/certification information for products requiring it, will vastly improve your company's ability to maintain safety standards in the workplace.

  • Certification and Maintenance Tracking

    Safety comes FIRST..... and iO Assets Group offers multiple solutions to help your company monitor and track inspections and certifications, allowing you to focus on the processes and the people.  Whether you are needing to track day to day inspections for company vehicles, annual safety certifications for Oilfield assets, or even the shelf life of products in a pharmacy, our systems provide unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in recording and reporting the most critical data that your company monitors. 

  • Inventory/Supply Chain

    iO Assets Group offers a variety of inventory control solutions for warehouse and production environments. Warehouse operations can be a logistics nightmare when you consider all the variables involved in day to day operations.The ability to accurately track inventory and to instantly link an order with an invoice will dramatically improve your businesses ability to process orders quickly while eliminating costly shipping errors.

Our Products

  • O-Ring Tag

    Easily Applied and Removed, This tag is versati

  • Mobile Readers

    iO Assets Group offers a variety of handheld RF

  • Crescent Tag

    The Crescent tag is easily our second most popu

  • Wiring Adaptor for Vehicle Diagnostic Port

    This adaptor is required for installing the sta

  • DRT Tag

    This is our most popular and versatile tag. Thi

  • GPS Trailer/Equipment Unit

    The Trailer/Equipment Unit is a battery-operate

  • Steel Zip Tie Tag

    While not as rugged as the other Outdoor use ta

  • Tag Sample Pack (UHF, Passive)

    iO Assets Group provides an assortment of tags

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

    The LMU-2600 fleet tracking unit offers leadi

  • Equipment/Parent Tag

    This tag is similar to the Crescent tag except