MVS - Mobile VPN System

MVS - Mobile VPN System

MVS - Mobile VPN System

Price Start From $ 240.00

iO Assets Group has partnered with NGEN Networks to provide a solution that you can only find here. Our Mobile VPN System allows clients to utilize their RF readers out in the field over a secure Cellular connection.

What is MVS?

MVS is made up of a few components:

The first is the MVS Endpoint itself. This device acts as the security gateway into the MVS network, as well as a WiFi router.

The second element is the SiteLink Tunnel between your premises and the third element: the NGEN Cloud VPN. In the cloud, the NGEN policy enforcement function assures security and access policy for each and every packet, ensuring that all traffic is secure, and that it only reaches designated destinations.

Features of MVS

  • Encrypted OTA provisioning - provisioning and software updates from NGEN are automatic and encrypted. All updates are encrypted in transit and digitally signed to prevent tampering.
  • AES Tunnel Encryption securing data as it crosses the internet
  • WPA2-AES CCMP securing data between the MVS Endpoint and WiFi client devices
  • Compatible with most 4G hotspot devices with USB tethering capabilities
  • Integrated charging; no charging cables?


  • Verizon Novatel 5510L Jetpack
  • For full compatibility list, please visit:

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