Our Products for Asset Tracking

  • Mobile Solutions

    iO Assets Group has partnered with NGEN Networks to develop a mobile solution that allows our clients to take asset tracking and Inspection reporting solutions almost anywhere. Our Mobile VPN System allows you to utilize the RF readers you already own while out in the field, away from your offices network. The MVS is a secure and reliable solution for clients needing remote access to their asset management systems.

  • RF Tags

    IOAG offers an assortment of tags designed for any application. From monitoring patients in a hospital, to tracking Flowback tanks out in the Oil Field. Our tags are not modifed to work in specialized environments...They are DESIGNED from the beginning to perform above industry standards in ANY application.

  • RF Readers

     A key element for some of our RF systems is the mobile RF Reader. These devices can be found in an extensive range of configurations and capabilities. Coupled with our proprietary Mobile VPN system iO Assets Group has the ability to extend the operational range of your RF system to anywhere that you can receive a celullar signal. Contact us from the Mobile Readers "Make an Inquiry" link, or from the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. We will help you to select the handheld device that suits your needs and is compatible with your existing resources.

  • GPS/Satellite Tracking System

    iO Assets Group provides GPS tracking and monitoring along with our RF systems to supplement the tracking of larger assets. Our GPS units can be installed in standard vehicle diagnostic ports and will track mileage, speed, and of course will track location history for the vehicle. Other GPS options include units that can be utilized on heavy machinery and will track hours and location history for vehicles that do not have a diagnostic port. Additionally we can tag semi-fixed assets such as trailers, light carts and generators. When tied into our RF solutions our GPS options can help to provide a complete overview of all of your company's assets both on site, and across the country.

Our Products

  • MVS - Mobile VPN System

    iO Assets Group has partnered with NGEN Network

  • Tag Sample Pack (UHF, Passive)

    iO Assets Group provides an assortment of tags

  • Equipment/Parent Tag

    This tag is similar to the Crescent tag except

  • DRT Tag

    This is our most popular and versatile tag. Thi

  • GPS Trailer/Equipment Unit

    The Trailer/Equipment Unit is a battery-operate

  • Mobile Readers

    iO Assets Group offers a variety of handheld RF

  • O-Ring Tag

    Easily Applied and Removed, This tag is versati

  • Wiring Adaptor for Vehicle Diagnostic Port

    This adaptor is required for installing the sta

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

    The LMU-2600 fleet tracking unit offers leadi

  • Crescent Tag

    The Crescent tag is easily our second most popu


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